The Challenge

The training costs and risks of running live military exercises is extremely high. A solution was required that could recreate realistic and immersive battlefield environments for at a fraction of the cost of high-end simulators.

The simulation was designed to encourage the soldier’s visualisation, experimentation and creativity in finding new ways to assess and tackle difficult and changing situations.


Our Approach

PlayGen has facilitated training exercises that were previously difficult to address due to safety, security, geography, political sensitivity, and weapon and sensor capabilities.

Players can practise dealing with dangerous situations, where in the real world mistakes are catastrophic, and allows repetition until mastery is achieved. Furthermore, responses and scenarios are recorded for review and re-enactment.

We help our clients to reduce the time and cost of training, as well as increase engagement for the learner, to improve their outcomes.

What we did

Battle Awareness is a simulation that tests player responses in a high-risk situation and enables them to learn from mistakes.

The player takes the role of a Sergeant Major in a British convoy on route through Baghdad market area, where one of the vehicles hits a civilian child. Soldiers stand awaiting orders while the player has to decide whether to jeopardise the mission by calling in for medical assistance or ignore the causality and continue.

Scores reflect how well the player handled the situation, and the image of the armed forces they portrayed to local people.

The benefits

  • Training provided to the learner without the costs and risks of running live military exercise.
  • Enabling experimentation within a simulated environment in finding new ways to tackle the situation.
  • Online Flash 3D, making accessibility to a very large number of soldiers across the world.