The Challenge

Media Operations can be highly complex in a military situation. It is vitally important to make students familiar with the different media roles and situations they may encounter in an Out of Area (OOA) environment.

Our Approach

We have developed a range of solutions for defence clients covering raining and assessment in:

  • Situational awareness
  • Critical thinking and leadership
  • Mission planning
  • Equipment training
  • Procedures and principles

We help our clients to reduce the time and cost of training, as well as increase engagement for the learner, to improve their outcomes.

What we did

PlayGen worked in collaboration with:

  • The UK Defence Centre for Training Support, Technology Based Training, Research and Development team
  • Subject matter experts in the field.

The result was ‘Media Wars’ – an immersive learning simulation bringing to life the decisions faced by media operatives. The simulation draws out the repercussions of their choices on the national and international media.

The benefits

  • Provides a better understanding the various roles within media operations
  • Enable players to explain the types of documents used within media ops
  • Allow players to describe the planning process and list techniques for monitoring and controlling media ops.  After completing the game, players are able to recall the correct procedures to follow and the sequence of actions they need to take before embarking on a mission.