We made games, simulations and platforms.
We produced playful results that deliver outstanding outcomes.
We were global leaders in serious games and gamification.

We were inventors, creatives, designers, psychologists, strategists, coders, technologists and producers – but above all we were geeks who love making interesting applications that deliver amazing outcomes.

Our services used to include :


Game Design
Pick a game, any game, as long as it’s meaningful. We were known for our excellence in Serious Games and Games for Learning and influencing behaviour. That’s why we were a key part of the Network of Excellence for Games and Learning.


The original gamification masters. With over 12 years of applying gaming mechanisms in real world situations. We created gamified processes, products, communication, health and Education. We even gamified gamification.


Social Platforms
We made crowd sourcing sites, social magazines, apps for connection discovery, social sites for influencing behaviour and measuring collective attitudes. What we did had a deep social dimension and we knew how to leverage the power of the collective.


User Experience
If it’s beautiful interfaces you were looking for, that were a dream to use or a delicious user experience that had customers coming back time and again.


We’ve helped: doctors and nurses be more effective, town planners have better planning strategies, investors make better decisions, young people discover their future potential – and we’ve done all this with innovative simulations, that are fun but serious.


Freemium or trial mode? Subscription or micro payment? We’ve helped our partners and clients develop and extend their revenue model. Everything from pay as you go to offer walls. We’ve developed a comprehensive toolkit to help monetise digital content.


Behavioural Economics
Behavioural Economics is the science of understanding why people make decisions and the art of nudging their choices for a preferred outcome. We’ve spent the last couple of years experimenting and implementing BE with amazing results.


You can’t build a cathedral without a plan. That’s why we create detailed plans and extensible system architectures for our apps and platforms from the outset. The outcome is products that are delivered on time and on budget.


We really enjoyed working with PlayGen and their gamification toolkit. Creating original ideas for gamifying our services. A great outcome which was also a lot of fun.

- UX Design Manager, Samsung

PlayGen’s team made it possible for us to help young people make informed decisions about their future careers in a way that is relevant to them. They are an extraordinary capable and personable team to work with.

- Director of Education, NESTA



From apps to platforms and everything in between. We deliver on any device and have worked with virtually every type of interactive technology of the last decade. If you want serious results, we’re serious!


build platforms




Our success in delivering great return on investment is an inherent part of our development process. As the saying goes, you can’t improve what you don’t measure.



FloodSim generated over £600,000 worth of equivalant advertising spend in the first 3 months of its launch. 10 times what the client paid for its development.


Climate Health Impact increased average test scores by over 63% compared to peers who didn’t play the game.


A wopping 86.6% of MeTycoon players reported that the experience gave them lots of new ideas for their future careers.


With over 500,000 downloads of Nanomission and average play time of 2 hours, we estimate a mere 10 cents per whole hour of engagement! Forget cost per click, this is cost per hour of full engagement!



We work across sectors for both public and private institutions. Our customers include consumer brands, corporate, health, education, charities, finance, universities and more. What we provide is amazing outcomes and tremendous value.
The value that PlayGen provided to us was outstanding. Not only did they deliver the solution on a tight budget and time table, but they provided us with the tools needed for us to continue the project internally and make it sustainable.

- Director of Networks, Eden Project

We were looking for a new approach for connection discovery and for a studio to be able to work with a substantial existing infrastructure. PlayGen provided the clarity and simplicity we needed. They helped us deliver on a very tight schedule.

- Product Manager, Technology Strategy Board

Consumer Brands

Many consumer brands know that games can be used as one of their channels to connect with their customers. Gamification has been banded around as the new mode of engagement specially in trying to build loyalty. Since we’ve been developing games for serious topics for many years, we know better than most ‘agencies’ that gamification in itself is not going to solve engagement problems.We developed the ‘Games For Brands’ movement to cater for the wide variety of games and gamification being used for consumer brands. From sponsored content to branded advergames and the use of gaming mechanisms in marketing and building loyalty.


Game based learning is a key component of making education smarter. Our solutions in education are about providing rich, rewarding and relevant environments in which players can use their own theories to solve problems.

We give players the ability to practice skills in a safe context and help them to learn from decisions they make.We design rewarding feedback loops that reinforce the key messages of the topic.

We create team learning solutions to inspire learners through playful discovery and social interaction .

We develop intelligent systems that recognise the player’s efforts and capability, adjusting the difficulty dynamically to match the learners capabilities.


Individual attitudes and behaviours lie at the core of the most significant challenges facing our healthcare system today. Simply telling people what they should do is not helping to stem the oncoming wave of obesity, chronic diseases and avoidable ill health. We need more sophisticated solutions that tap into peoples’ inner motivations.Our main areas of focus are:

  • Wellness and Prevention
  • Disease Management
  • Patient Compliance



Our government and policy solutions are designed to increase public awareness of issues, improve understanding of trade-offs and provide outcomes that resonate with stakeholders, ultimately motivating citizens to take action. We relish developing accessible digital means for engaging a wide variety of social groups and communities on important policy issues.Our projects are designed to support stakeholders in understanding the relative contribution of different policies and impacts through providing an attractive and informative interface that brings the underlying choices to life.

We design to stimulate informed and constructive debate about policies, encouraging stakeholders to assess the impact of choices in a consistent way.


The benefits of simulations and serious games to improve business training is well understood.Whether it’s performance management, onboarding new employees, diversity, or everyday health and safety and IT tasks, over the last few years more than a few games have been made in each domain.

Our work in the corporate sector includes onboarding new employees, compliance and innovation management. We’ve developed playful solutions to increase employees engagement with sometimes dry and often complex issues, where seemingly simple decisions have profound effects on business performance and the bottom line.


Commercial and institutional clients and partners
playgen clients

Research and university clients and partners
playgen research partners


It was excellent to work with PlayGen. The game received a lot of positive attention from teachers and colleagues working in science education, all of whom were impressed with the scientific content and the high quality of the product.

- Stephanie Sinclair, Wellcome Trust

PlayGen were an absolute pleasure to work with. In every instance, PlayGen went far beyond what was asked and helped us deliver everything ahead of schedule. Needless to say, we will work with PlayGen in the future and highly recommend their services.

- Dave Luciew, Concurrent Technologies Corporation