For many of us it can be difficult to understand why anyone would turn to violent extremism. What is clear is that violence is often a desperate and misguided response to a negative life experience.

Choices&Voices are a series of interactive digital role playing games that encourages young people to explore and discuss the underlying issues and adverse influences, which can lead to divisions and tensions in communities. In two separate scenarios the player faces a number of moral dilemmas in which their decisions will define not only their own outcomes but those of their friends and family also.

Issues explored within Choices & Voices Secondary ( Keystage 3 & 4 suitable for 12 to 18 year olds) include :

  • Peer pressure and the seductive powers of adventure, commaraderie and secrecy;
  • Social exclusion, isolation and the effects of not fitting in;
  • Bullying, humiliation and exposure to violence;
  • Feelings of underachievement and the need for purpose and respect;
  • Challenging policy through concerted action;
  • Urban myths and misunderstandings.

Choices and Voices supports the DCSF’s Preventing Violent Extremism toolkit and contributes to specific areas within the citizenship, PSHE and SEAL curriculum.

Choices & Voices Secondary is available FREE OF CHARGE in the following regions :

  • West Midlands
  • Staffordshire
  • Warwickshire
  • West Mercia
  • Somerset
  • Bristol
  • Gloucestershire
  • Wiltshire
  • Dorset
  • Cornwall
  • Devon

Play Online

Play MIDLAND’s Version
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  • Usage : When you want to run the game online.
  • Requires : No installation.

Play SOUTH EAST Version
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Teacher’s Guide:

Download the Teachers Guide
This comprehensive guide includes the following:
  • Learning objectives
  • Scenario breakdowns
  • Lesson plans
  • Understanding violent extremism in young people
  • Life experiences that may lead to violent extremism
  • Ideas that may lead to violent extremism
  • Attitudes that may lead to violent extremism
  • Positive attitudes and behaviours
  • Citizenship and interactive learning

Download Versions

Download MIDLAND’s Exe File
(Low-res 27mb)

  • Usage : When you want to run the prorgam simply from your desktop / CD or Memory Stick.
  • Requires : Ability to run an EXE.
  • What you get : A single file containing the program.
  • How to run : Double-click on “Choices_And_Voices.EXE” – see Readme.txt file for further info

Download MIDLAND’s Zip Folder
(Low-res – 27 mb)

  • Usage : When you want to load the program onto a Network for use on a number of computers or run it from your computer.
  • Requires : Adobe Flash 9 Player.
  • What you get : A zipped folder that needs to be unzipped.
  • How to run : Double-click on the “Run_Me.html”

Evaluation & Publications:

Download Evaluation of Choices and Voices by Birmingham University – July 2011

Download Book contribution to Intelligence Management : Knowledge Driven Frameworks for Combating Terrorism and Organized Crime. 2011

Choices and Voices for Primary Schools

Download C&V Primary Exe Version

Download C&V Primary School’s Teacher’s Guide

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