Simulate with us

Our simulations provide players with scenarios in which they can make decisions, take actions, observe the consequences and change the course in order to succeed. Commonly used for learning and training, we develop models of reality that allow the player to experiment with an environment that obeys the same rules as the real world in a focused and meaningful experience. We enable players to train and be challenged by situations which can sometimes prove to be too risky or costly for live action training.

Why is our work so unique?

We have over ten years experience in developing simulations, we tailor make each project to our clients specifications. We engage with clients to help them understand how simulations can help solve their problem in a safe learning environment.

Engaging More Effectively

Engaging an audience means getting them thinking, reacting and actively involved. It transforms their understanding and learning experience.

As children, we all learn about the world around us through play. When approached in the right way, playing with games and simulations provides a powerful tool for engaging an audience of any age.


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Visualisation & Experimentation

We don’t just create games; we create new experiences and new ways for which your audiences can interact with. We build the box most think outside of, we introduce playful solutions that engage people in virtual environments where social interaction is key for development and influence. We also like to experiment with new techniques and methodologies to bring the best possible solutions to you as an innovator in digital.
  • Build completely new digital experiences.
  • The element of play added to an experience in order to engage deeper with the audience.
  • Experimentation and digital makeovers to keep our clients top digital innovators.
Depending on the simulation, at some point you are going to need to visualise your data. We offer a wide variety of ways you can represent your simulation data. It’s often the case that data looses it meaning when presented in a visual that many don’t or can’t understand. Getting the language and clarity right is key in providing a meaningful result.

  • Clarity of data is key in helping people understand your results.
  • Visualising data can be a fun interactive experience.
  • Allow your audience to observe data in a completely different way

Data Analysis & Intelligence

We provide intelligent data infrastructures in order to aid in cyber research and counter-cyber warfare. We develop and produce platforms which assist our clients in data mining and intelligence services.
  • Sustainable web platforms for data intelligence.
  • Social modelling for influence and behaviour change.
  • Predictive modelling and temporal analytics.

We understand that the web is evolving at an alarming rate; we also know that the future of the web is “intelligence”. The web is moving forward and at PlayGen we like to keep out clients on top of the web evolution, by building applications and simulations that help our clients understand their audience on a deeper level.

  • Sustainable web platforms for data intelligence.
  • Social modelling for influence and behaviour change.
  • Predictive modelling and temporal analytics.