The Challenge

The threats posed by global climate change will increase and compound the health problems of the entire world, yet very few people are aware or realise the extent of the implications.

A highly motivating tool for teachers and students to connect to the topic was needed. The objective was to facilitate greater understanding of the issues, and illustrate the urgency of the subject, in order to contribute towards inspiring players to consider biomedical research as a career.

Our Approach

At PlayGen Health we combine scientific research with tried and tested interactive methods to deliver innovative solutions for changing health-related behaviours. Solutions that really work.

I enjoyed learning about new diseases and symptoms, it really opened my eyes to other diseases in the world today and how we might get them in our country due to climate change. I also loved competing against my friends to see who could diagnose all the diseases and save the most people!”

- Student

What we did

We developed Climate Health Impact – a simulation based game designed to give biology students a better understanding of the health impacts of climate change.

It focuses on identifying diseases and understanding the policies that could be implemented to help us adapt. Players assume the role of a biomedical scientist and policy maker, aiming to prevent and reduce the impacts of diseases that spread throughout the world due to climate change over 100 years.

The benefits

  • Developing a deep appreciation of the need to consider research relating to the interactions between climate change and human health.
  • Realising the importance of researching disease to reduce human suffering..
  • Understanding that countries have to adapt to the effects of global climate change.
  • Raising awareness of the present and future social impacts of biomedical research and development in the context of global warming.

Key Messages and Themes

  • Identifying diseases and understanding the policies that could be implemented to help us adapt.
  • The impact of climate change on the natural balance of ecosystems.
  • Learning to diagnose symptoms and methods of transmission for diseases, researching treatment, and helping casualties.


  • An amazing 38% of the test students who played the game went on to write their final year paper on the topic, with a further 25% going to university to study biomedicine.