The Challenge

Bomb scares are rare in the UK.  However, they pose a big threat to the nation and training in this area is essential.  For example, anti-terrorist training has rapidly increased since the disaster of Edgware Road underground station.

Our Approach

We help our clients to reduce the time and cost of training, as well as increase engagement for the learner, to improve their outcomes.

What we did

Players  take the role of the Incident Commander.  It is up to them to gather the correct intelligence and then order a specialist team to operate. They must assess the situation carefully and help prevent mass chaos.

Scores reflect how well the situation was handled.

The benefits

  • Games-based learning can provide realistic simulations for all kinds of emergency situations.
  • Nowhere is the need for realistic training scenarios more applicable than in emergency services, where lecturing trainees on how to handle a real life situation is like ‘throwing pebbles at an asteroid‘ compared with participating in an actual event.
  • In the past, it was very difficult to simulate disasters, but today’s gaming technology makes this easy, affordable and accessible.
  • Simulations enable users to practice co-operation, collaboration and communication skills, which are vital to effective incident management
  • Scenarios can be highly customized and involve many different players at once, giving further opportunities to practice tight teamwork.