The Challenge

Young people often lack the resources, help or opportunities to think about their career. Being able to find out about different types of work, get to grips with transferable skills, or discover the changing nature of the jobs market usually doesn’t happen until well after leaving school.

We set out to create a captivating and satisfying online experience that would encourage young teenagers to proactively explore career opportunities; combining videos of real people doing real jobs within a game world based on skills, activities and money to determine happiness.

Our Approach

We have over ten years experience in developing social applications, we tailor make each project to our clients specifications. We engage with clients to help them understand how social applications can help solve their problem in a multi-player online environment.

Currently I am a graduate in education. This game is very well thought out and the graphics were nice. It was really challenging, I think this game gives an accurate snapshot of life and the curve balls that can get thrown at you. It also gives opportunities for discussion, thinking and reasoning.

- Emma, Student

What we did

We built an online social game that encourages players to explore and develop their virtual life, and compete with others to rise to the top.

Players have the ability to choose between studying, taking up hobbies and choosing from a wide range of career paths. They can also go shopping, take up activities and hobbies, and watch informative videos.

Money management also plays a key role within the game by presenting players with common challenges and problems with financing a particular lifestyle.

The benefits

  • Enables students to learn about the implications of various life choices on future careers, and discover a comprehensive variety of job types that they may not have previously considered.
  • Provides an exciting online experience for players to practice and understand the importance of developing transferrable skills, aided by discovering career stories from
  • Allows students to discover the changing nature of the jobs market and potential areas of future growth.
  • Helps students visualise and understand that today’s careers are not always achieved as a linear progression.

Key messages and themes

  • The importance of grabbing any opportunities for learning, developing skills and gaining experience
  • Money management
  • Utilising the experiences of others as a valuable source of learning
  • Discover a vast range of careers
  • Actively build networks


  • Finalists of ITSEC Award 2010!
  • 92% of students discovered new jobs they hadn’t considered or known about.
  • 45 minutes average time per play