The Challenge

Many people have very little idea of what actually goes into making a serious game. A solution was required to help people gain a better understanding about making Serious Games and the factors that drive a successful development process across all sectors,

Our Approach

We have over ten years experience in developing social applications, we tailor make each project to our clients specifications. We engage with clients to help them understand how social applications can help solve their problem in a multi-player online environment.

What we did

Within Serious Games Squared: Cook ‘Em Up, the player has to find the right combination of ‘ingredients’ to put in the ‘cooking pot’. The ‘ingredients’ are wriggling characters that symbolise specific areas of the game development process, for example, an artist or a programmer. The player has to complete each stage before the deadlines hit, just as in real life. By the time the launch date is reached and the game ends they’ll see whether they have a solid gold, bonafide success or a total turkey on their hands.

The benefits

  • A quick and interesting way to build confidence in using Serious Games
  • Demonstrates how Serious Games can stimulate enjoyment, motivation, and engage players