Hello! We are PlayGen. Our award-winning playful solutions engage audiences, influence behaviour, measure competencies and attitudes, and inspire users to take action.

About Us

Established in 2001, PlayGen is the UK’s leading serious games and gamification development studio. We design, develop and deliver Serious Games, Social Games, Apps and Simulations for online, offline and mobile, across industry sectors. Our world-class solutions combine play with serious topics to produce meaningful experiences; to transform players’ relationships with real world subjects.

We love designing solutions that are particularly helpful in conveying and improving understanding of complex issues. Clients often approach us with scenarios which are too difficult to explain and practice using traditional methods, or too costly or risky to tackle in real-life. Our expertise lies in captivating players’ imaginations; transporting them into realistic, virtual environments or the future, where they can learn by experimenting and exploring situations in an environment as close to real-life as possible.

Our gaming worlds also allow players to measure their progress in comparison to others; vividly demonstrating cause and effect; and collecting incredibly rich data and feedback on the attitudes and choices they make. Our team specialises in delivering interactivity designed to induce flow and pleasure, where players become fully absorbed in the activity, enjoying the experience of exploration and discovery.

We can help you too

We help our clients and partners to deliver their message through the medium of games and simulations. Our primary focus is to engage, influence, measure and inspire, as a means of enabling clients to reach new markets and increase revenues, strengthen customer engagement and empower their audiences and employees.

  • Engage your audience to encourage behaviour change and improve learning results
  • Influence to manage risky behaviours, improve wellbeing, efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Measure and Train in a safe environment to increase retention and the development of practical skills, to get more performance indicators for less cost
  • Inspire your audience to understand and contribute more.

We make solutions to make our users : happier, smarter, better informed, healthier, more creative, more confident and better connected.

We have proven expertise in the following areas :

  • Serious Games, Social Games and Simulations
  • Developing ‘play to influence behaviour’
  • User generated social engagement platforms
  • Authoring systems for immersive entertainment
  • Gamification of a wide range of topics
  • …being fun to work with.
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Our clients

Our clients
It was excellent to work with PlayGen. The game received a lot of positive attention from teachers and colleagues working in science education, all of whom were impressed with the scientific content and the high quality of the product.

- Stephanie Sinclair, Wellcome Trust

We are extremely gratified to have worked with PlayGen on this exciting and important project. As the leading global supplier of advanced Tools for Nanotech, PlayGen exceeded our expectations in the quality and timeliness of delivering this project.

- Don Kania, president and CEO of FEI Company

Our Academic Partners

We work with more universities and research organisations than any other games development studio that we know in the world.
Our work is deeply rooted in research and scientific methodology. We participate in FP7, JISC, TSB, EPSRC and similar collaborative R&D projects. For a detailed list of our collaborative research projects see this link.

Our academic partners

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