The Challenge

The aim was to increase the number of user connections and interactions with people and content, as well as a more informative and interactive way to navigate through the _connect network, whilst delivering a fun interactive experience that users will engage with over and over again.

It will also need to be developed with mobile access in mind, and should be designed to be cross platform – including iPhone, iPad, Android and web browsers.


Our Approach

We have over ten years experience in developing social applications, we tailor make each project to our clients specifications. We engage with clients to help them understand how social applications can help solve their problem in a multi-player online environment.

To develop the best app possible, we remain flexible and take a very considered approach to selecting the development platform that best meets all the criteria.

What we did

_connectMe is a highly adaptable network visualisation and discovery tool that encourages users to find and connect with other people who share similar interests.

_connectMe is an engaging playful tool utilizing the power of gaming mechanisms, and is able to leverage motivations between the network and its users. It also introduces and displays new types of statistics, acting as a more informative and interactive way to navigate through the _connect network.

The app is being delivered simultaneously through multiple channels including desktop, web, ipad iOS and Android tablets and PlayBook.

The benefits

  • Enables users to view their suggested connections on _connect, therefore increasing the number of connections and interactions the user makes with other entities on _connect.
  • Users are able to get a visual representation of recommendations from the system. This provides users with much more relevant suggested content.
  • Provides users with the opportunity to discover new people and content by being able to mine into the visual representation of recommended connections, giving them the opportunity to discover people and content they would not have otherwise discovered with search and FOAF functionality.