The Challenge

Within every sector in every city, despite the huge potential for collaboration, there’s massive fragmentation between organisations and individuals. Partners rarely find each other unless by some external force (such as a competition), opportunities to develop further are missed, work is duplicated, and the cluster may fail in the face of rapid change.

To make it easier to engage with the Tech City cluster as an entity, to reach far beyond the usual suspects, and to make better decisions by helping identify critical connections and providing the means for spotting new potentials, synergies and trends, a sophisticated data capture and analytics mechanism was required.


Why is our work so unique?

We have over ten years experience in developing social applications, we tailor make each project to our clients specifications.

It is important that we nurture clusters such as the one that has grown up in this area.  They are the crucibles where new industries are born, where communities support one another and where companies grow to become globally competitive.  This initiative, with strong community involvement and including coordinated help to enable the companies to move fast towards commercialisation, is exactly what clusters need.”

- Science Minister David Willetts

What we did

The Tech City Map app is a community influence platform that renders all the scattered parts of the Tech City cluster visible, illuminating the gaps, highlighting the opportunities and predicting the outcomes of interventions.

Information is gathered from twitter to identify and measure how influential businesses are. The platform then displays this data in a way to allow a user to see not just where companies are, but how they are linked to others through shared interests, mentions and followers.

The benefits

  • Enables companies to see how influential they are, as well as those they influence.
  • Potential clients can see businesses in a variety of sectors and explore new collaborations.
  • Allows busniesses to connect to each other and develop new partnerships