The Challenge

To increase members and improve usability of the website, to focus more on the community aspect bringing together the network of artists all under one roof. Improving blogging and communication tools on the site, enhancing job discovery and providing tools to spark conversation.

The Platform

The new a-n platform provides a whole new set of tools and spaces for artists to communication and collaborate with each other. The main navigation has been redesigned to make it much easier to explore and discover new content. Blogging tools have been drastically improved and more personalisation features have been implemented. New spaces have been added such as conversations, where a public debate and forums can take place on topics of interest as well as collections where each member can collect interesting content; artwork, articles, events etc. The platform has been designed from the ground up to facilitate communication and collaboration between its community as well as drive new members through new monetization channels.

Core Features

  • Updated branding/theme – A new clean and colourful redesign, providing a more visually optimized experience.
  • Powerful social tools – New blogging tools and personalisation options which provide more power to community members to share their experiences. Membership tools which provide new channels for communication and network management.
  • New spaces – Conversations, a space where community members can debate and converse with each other. Collections, a space where community members can collect items of interest, including events, jobs, artworks, interesting articles or just images from the internet – using a powerful URL embed function.
  • Revamped monetization channels – a completely new experience redesigned to help potential new customers engage with a-n quickly and more efficiently then previous experience, the signup form has been designed to be a one-page experience where becoming a member can be done within a minute.