The Challenge

Monetary policy modelling and analysis is a complex and difficult process. Policy makers not only are required to have a vast knowledge of the economic system but also the ability to understand many economic factors and combinations of variables which make up the macro economy. Economy modelling tools are however rife with complexity in terms of usability and users’ ability to comprehend what is being presented on screen. These tools require specialized skills and expert-level knowledge which can often only be gained through expertise and experience in the field.

The Game

SYMPHONY Economic DJ provides an immersive game interface into one of the world’s most sophisticated agent-based macro-economic engines provided by SYMHPONY. It enables policy makers and key stakeholders to explore and experiment with monetary policy ideas. It allows others, non-experts who are interested in monetary policy, macro-economics and the financial sector in general to join, explore and share and improve the simulation.

Core Features

  • MMORPG – SYMPHONY is an online game where hundreds of players can take part and play their role in the virtual macro-economy.
  • Role Playing – Each player role requires the user to work towards achieving a set of goals; for Household players goals may consist maximising their financial gain through investing in stocks and bonds in the markets, Firms to produce successful products, Banks to make profit on financing Firms and Households, Central Banks to keep the economy stable through raising/lowering interest rates and Government to ensure the correct polices are enacted in order to benefit growth of the economy as whole.
  • Intuitive Interface – The helps teach citizens about how the macro-economy works as well as providing a tool for Policy Makers and Key stakeholders to experiment and explore their own monetary policy ideas.
  • Auditory Feedback – Don’t just look at graphs but here them too! Listen to the stock market, gain new insight into decisions made through using auditory feedback to provide a new experience to engaging with financial data.

A Game with Utility for Serious Decisions

SYMPHONY’s advisory board consists of experts from:

Beyond State of the Art

The SYMPHONY game is the only game that fully simulates the macro economy based on a Full European Agent Based Model, where not just one but hundreds of players can join in on one simulation and discover what it’s like to be the Central Bank, Bank or Government. However players may want to play and learn about how the stock market works, or setup a firm and run a multi million euro company in-game.