The Challenge

Big Data is hard to make sense of. Solutions like IBM’s Big Data platform, SAP’s HANA platform and Vertica’s Big Data Analytics platform are highly complex, hardware intensive, time consuming and often prohibitively expensive outside well-funded organisations. These platforms usually target a specialized type of audience; data scientists, statisticians and data savvy researchers. Those who are not data experts, and may simply be interested in exploring the data from a discovery or explorative purpose then miss out.

The Platform

DataPlay is a data analysis and exploratory game designed for people who aren’t experts in data analysis or data mining. It’s designed to combine the power of human intuition for pattern recognition with artificial intelligence, in order to extract meaningful stories from data in a fun and intuitive way.

Core Features

  • Open Data – DataPlay uses data sets to build the game experience, where players discover, evaluate and converse around the data. The game is able to take large data sets and transform them into a game like experience.
  • Visual Processing – DataPlay provides a simple and effective way to discover stories within the data by performing correlational analysis within a single or across many data sets on the server. It presents players with many types of visualizations and allows them to quickly pick the more interesting ones, refining the visualisation further.
  • Collective Intelligence – DataPlay harnesses crowd sourcing in order to evaluate and validate data visuals. The game provides for quantitative validations as well as qualitative observations, combined with algorithmic machine learning to determine meaning. It magnifies the wisdom of the crowd by helping individuals focus on what matters.
  • Cloud Technology – By using cloud technology DataPlay can scale quickly to cater for huge fluctuations in users and data instantly. Using CELAR it delivers a fully automated and highly customisable system for elastic provisioning of resources in cloud computing platforms.

Beyond State of the Art

DataPlay offers a new insight to open data through play. Any organisation that has data but not enough data scientists can harness the power of collective intelligence through a game that’s both compelling and unique. Offering the ability to explore and enable observations about the data and insight, drawing from within the dataset as well as tapping into the wider web to bring in related aretfacts, news stories, events and even conversations happening in real-time.