The Challenge

Getting the right person in for a key management role can make or break your business. The information you gather is critical to successfully predicting an individuals’ fit with the competencies or values needed for a role.

Why is our work so unique?

PlayGen’s work in the corporate sector includes introducing new employees, compliance and innovation management.

We’ve developed playful solutions to increase employees’ engagement with complex issues, where seemingly simple decisions have profound effects on business performance and the bottom line.

What we did

In this simulation you will conduct an interview for a managing position at an IT company. Try to gather as much information about the candidate to decide whether they are right for this management role.

Your score will reflect how well you chose questions for the interview and if you chose the correct action to accept or decline the candidate for the job.

The benefits

  • Serious games and simulations can make people more effective in their job and have very wide applications in business training.
  • They can support everything from professional and management skills to health and safety, customer service and office ethics.
  • Learning by doing in simulations is proven to drive more recall and information retrieval than traditional learning.
  • The sophisticated simulations we can develop today also enable self-reflection and the development of higher order skills. You can support your employees to achieve their full potential and become ‘virtual veterans’.