The Challenge

To create a platform that engages students in a playful environment where they can voice their opinions, ideas and suggestions among their peers and teachers. To encourage students to show what matters to them and provide the means with which they can instantly measure their success in promoting their ideas within their peer group and throughout the school.

Project Einstein

Our Approach

We have over ten years experience in developing social applications, we tailor make each project to our clients specifications. We engage with clients to help them understand how social applications can help solve their problem in a multi-player online environment.

What we did

Project Einstein is an online social platform that helps students voice their ideas, opinions, and thoughts about their academic environment in a game-like interactive experience, by engaging them through key social gaming mechanisms.

Students who submit ideas are rewarded with points, and evaluating and contributing to other ideas is heavily encouraged to drive them to discuss and debate with each other.

Earning points opens the opportunity to gain achievements, which a student is given for interacting with others and the platform. Achievements are displayed on the students profile to show off to others, and they act as a key motivational driver within the platform.

The benefits

  • Students engage and actively participate in the running of their school and school environment.
  • Provides platform for students and staff to continue their ideas, votes, and discussions outside of school.