Pushy Paddles

Pushy Paddles is an exciting cooperative maths game for 5 to 11 year old players! Combining over 400 Maths problems in 40 lessons into a fun co-operative, 3 player game.

Players practice maths lessons from Keystage 1 and 2 whilst exercising their cooperation and friendship skills of; solving a problems as a group, paying attention to others, taking turns, helping each other, communicating with others, being an active listener and dealing with stress.

PSHE meets numeracy skills in this fast paced multiplayer co-op game. Three players work together. In each round one person is on the raft whilst the other two work in tandem to push the raft through the correct mathematical operations to arrive at the solution. The player on the raft then decides on the rewards and roles of swapped.

PushyPaddles incorporates a range of prosocial skills during game play. It’s up to the teacher to decide which of these to focus on for generalisation and debriefing, suggestions are made below :

Skills for Cooperation

  • Solving a problem as a group: Players must work together to solve the problem as a group.
  • Paying attention to others: Players must pay attention to each others actions in order to succeed.
  • Asking for help: Players must ask for help from each other to play effectively.
  • Helping others: Players need to help each other, no one player can play the game by themselves.
  • Taking turns: Players take turns to be on either side or on the floater. They also take turns in dishing out the rewards after the end of each round.
  • Being a good sport: Occasionally it all goes wrong, players must demonstrate being a good sport and keeping a cool head if things go wrong.

Skills for Friendship

  • Communicating with others: Players must communicate with each other to coordinate their actions.
  • Not interrupting others: Players must exercise self control and not interrupt others when following instructions.
  • Being an active listener: Players must be active listeners and pay close attention to each others instructions.

Skills for Feelings

  • Dealing with boredom: At each game round, one player needs to wait patiently whilst the other two players guide their raft.
  • Dealing with stress: The game can be quite fast paced and player could get stressed out as actions have to be timed perfectly.
  • Self-control: Players need to exercise self-control and patience with each other as they rely on one another to complete the task.

The multiplayer version of this game is available on the ProsocialLearn platform.

The single player version of this game is available on both iOS and Android.

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