Feel the pressure of a dispatch officer

Unless you’ve had to run a dispatch unit in a police force or have been an officer on the beat, it’s difficult to imagine what it might be like to be faced to face with realities of limited resources. Developed as part of INSPEC2T project, the game supports raising awareness of local issues and helps improve community policing.

  • Players control a local police force in a turn-based survival game.
  • Discover the difference citizen’s support for community policing can make.
  • Respond to incidents as they unfold to keep the city safe.
Feedback from players :

“ordinary people can help the police”
“citizen collaboration can be very important”
“police have limited resources”
“calling the police is not always the answer”

Feedback from Officers :

“… gives the public a glimpse ‘behind the badge’ of modern day policing to help educate younger people on expectations, demand and more whilst providing a game that is fun and competitive.”

Successful pilots run in UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain and Greece.


Resource Force is a role-play turn-based survival game where player takes control of a local police force. The player’s goal is to respond to topical incidents (depending on their location) from minor disturbances to drugs, cybercrime, minority discrimination and much more. Allocating limited police resources to try and keep the city safe.


  • Play as dispatch officer in a resource management simulation game.
  • Better understand realities of prioritising limited police resources.
  • Realise benefits of citizen’s engagement in supporting policing.
  • Experience targeted, relevant and topical scenarios for you.
  • Be better informed of situations where police involvement is critical.
Players can call on citizens to support them on some investigations, increasing their chances of successful outcomes. They have to face the harsh reality of overstretched resources and lack of critical information. They also learn how support from citizens may avoid serious consequences and lead to more positive outcomes.

An easy to use Authoring Tool supports officers and delivery teams in making the game relevant. Updating and add new local scenarios and new relevant content takes minutes.


The game is available on iOS and Android.
Resource Force Google Play
Together with a powerful authoring tool, we have a tried and tested solution that helps forces engage with generation smartphone through game.

Get in touch to see how we could help you engage generation smartphone on community policing.
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