For Game Developers, By Game Developers

  • Simplify your multiplayer game development
  • Integrate clan and team structures to make your games cooperative
  • Define and track individual and team; Goals, Actions, Achievements, Rewards, Inventory and Resources

SUGAR is designed to make games sweeter by adding a social interaction layer on top. At it’s heart SUGAR brings other people into the game, not just to compete with, but to cooperate with. The APIs and system is designed from the ground up to facilitate a large variety of team play dynamics. From sharing goals and achievements, to sharing resources and inventories, SUGAR makes it possible to turn a one person experience into a team experience.

For fans of competitive dynamics, SUGAR provides a substantial set of tournaments and matchmaking dynamics that can operate on the individual or between team levels.

For fans of cooperative dynamics, SUGAR provides shared goals, resources and achievements, providing the perfect platform for games that require collaboration between players.

For fans of simplified development, SUGAR provides a method of defining the game logic and gamification aspects like achievements in a generalised way so as a developer you don’t have to reintegrate into multiple platform. Simply write your achievements or leaderboards once in SUGAR and use them on Google Play, Apple Game Services or Steam.

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Simplify multiplayer gamification development.
Define and track individual and team; Achievements, Challenges, Resources and Rewards.
Integrate clan and team structures to make your games cooperative.