Tower Together, an engaging cooperative building game where 2 to 8 players work together to build the tallest tower possible.

It provides opportunities to practice and learn from collaborative action, mutual goals and shared resources. Aimed at school year 2 and above, anyone from the age of 7 to 70 will enjoy playing with others in this fast paced and fun game.

Players cooperate, exercising their abilities to solve the problem as a group by paying attention to what others are doing, by asking for help and helping others, by taking turns and showing that they can be a good sport. Players need to communicate with each other by being an active listener, respecting others and exercising self control when dealing with a stressful situation. Students will be working together to build a tower using shared blocks in a limited

Tower Together incorporates a range of prosocial skills during game play. It’s up to the teacher to decide which of these to focus on for generalisation and debriefing, suggestions are made below :

Skills for Cooperation

  • Solving a problem as a group : Players must work together as a group to build the Tower.
  • Paying attention to others : Players must observe and communicate with other players to make best use of resources and to coordinate their actions.
  • Following directions : Players must follow the games’ directions as well as listen and plan on steps and actions of other players.
  • Being patient : Players need to exercise patience with each other, for example when another player is setting up a piece. Rushing and being impatient may often result in failing to reach the goals.
  • Being a good sport : Players must learn to accept defeat positively and motivate each other in successive rounds of the game.

Skills for Friendship

  • Sharing with others : Players must share their resources in order to succeed.
  • Communicating with others : Tower Together is a game of communication, if there is no communication, it’s unlikely that players would succeed.
  • Being an active listener : Players must listen to each other, particularly if individuals are trying to execute a particular plan to succeed.
  • Respecting others : Players need to respect each others moves and intentions and work together as a team.

Skills for Feelings

  • Dealing with stress : The game is fast paced and can be stressful, especially if players don’t communicate with each other or fail to demonstrate prosocial skills.
  • Self-control : Players need to exercise self-control, particularly when relying on other players.
  • Identifying feelings and emotions : Players need to identify stressed out feelings in others and ensure they support any struggling players.


Tower Together was developed as part of ProsocialLearn project.

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