The Challenge

Social creativity depends on collaboration. Businesses and educational establishments of all sizes have a lot to gain from harnessing the social network approach to thinking, finding and sharing of new ideas that can transform new processes, products or services and facilitate better peer support and cooperation.  Creating an environment that drives that kind of collaboration and creative thinking within teams and organisations spread across many locations and working efficiently is not trivial.

There are plenty of collaboration platforms out there.  The problem is, they are not being used!  McKinsey Global Institute estimates that only 3% of companies derive substantial benefit from social technologies. We’re here to change that.

Intuitive. Nice to see other peoples suggestions in one place, a fun interface which is easy to interact with.

- Concept Developer, SAAB

The Platform

LogQuest is a sophisticated social collaboration platform using turn-based asynchronous goal-setting and gamified feedback dynamics that are sensitive to the specific user’s temperament and preferences. It provide a playground for supporting the collection and creation of digital arefacts throughout the course of their project’s lifespan.  LogQuest enables enterprises to document their project process, creating a rich overview of the project as it progresses.  Through applying personalised game mechanics, it drives individuals to increase their productivity.

A great tool for keeping oversight. Internal team communication is a very frequent problem. this feels like a playful solution.

- Project Manager, IBM Systems

Core Features

  • Turn-taking – Players take turns which ensures everyone contributes equally, and should prevent social loafing (free-riding) – a phenomenon where people deliberately exert less effort to achieve a goal when they work in a group.
  • Recommender System – The game suggests relevant content from others who have created project logs, driving greater cross-fertilisation of ideas. It gives players meaningful suggestions of different ways they could document their progress within the game.  It also automatically adjusts the level of challenge and will intelligently recommend easier goals/methods when the player is stuck and cannot progress further.
  • Collaborative Scoring – Points are used to track and benchmark individual and team performance rather than as a reward system in themselves (the benefits of regularly documenting progress should be the reward!).  Performance can then be analysed by the games recommender systems to suggest new goals and targets to reach.
  • Goal Driven – Players work towards a common goal; by creating the project log, groups are more likely to get into the flow if they are working towards a shared goal.

Beyond the bleeding edge

LogQuest advances beyond the state of the art compared to traditional social collaboration systems by applying a validated methodology proven to drive cooperation and social learning. It provides a rich interactive experience which is intelligent enough to understand how challenging a player’s goals may be, as well as recommend appropriate goals to keep the player in a state of flow.