• Tower Together
    Tower Together
    Tower Together, a 2 to 8 player cooperative building game to construct the tallest tower possible. Drop, flip, shove and cajole to get the tetrominos together.
  • StarQuest
    A gamified social creativity and learning platform delivering improved team efficiency.
  • HatParty
    A brainstorming game for teams to generate hundreds of solutions and evaluate them within minutes!
  • DataPlay
    Deep insight from data through play. Designed for non-experts, augmented by machine learning.
  • Symphony
    A gamified simulation of the entire financial economy of Europe down to every bank, firm and household.
  • Sport Team Manager
    Sport Team Manager
    Sports Team Manager, the ultimate sailing team management simulator!
  • a-n
    A community platform to bring artists together to express and share new projects, events and opinions of the artworld.
  • MeTycoon
    A social game for students to explore and develop their own virtual life, where decisions affect prosperity, achievements and happiness.
    Project Objectives We are working with 17 international partners who are all leading experts in their respective fields, ensuring that the project meets social,cultural, ethical and legal principles; these include:
    Automatic, Multi-Grained elasticity-provisioning for the cloud. A highly advanced Cloud hosting system.
    Make games sweeter by adding a social interaction layer on top. The world's most powerful open-source social gamification engine.
  • Dalton Nuclear Simulator
    Dalton Nuclear Simulator
    Engaging young people with nuclear energy production through a gamified simulation.
  • Resource Force
    Resource Force
    A game where you run the local police station. Prioritise incidents, manage resources, use citizens & keep the city safe!
  • _connectMe
    A highly adaptable network visualisation and discovery tool that encourages users to find and connect with other people who share similar interests.
  • Social Influence Platform
    Social Influence Platform
    A multiplayer social game for engaging and influencing individuals with strong ideological views.
  • FloodSim
    A policy simulation to bring important public policy decisions to life, measuring attitudes and informing citizens and policy makers.
  • Choices & Voices
    Choices & Voices
    A simulation encouraging young people to explore and discuss issues underlying violent extremism.
  • Proximitips
    A social magazine app designed for solomo experiences that pulls together the latest offers and deals in the user's local area.
  • Shoreditch Source
    Shoreditch Source
    An online directory of all the digital creative companies in Shoreditch, utilising gamification mechanisms to encourage participation, exploration, and monetization of the platform.
  • What Should We Tell The Children?
    What Should We Tell The Children?
    A sexual health communication tool to help parents discuss difficult or embarrassing issues with their children.
  • TechCity Map
    TechCity Map
    A community influence platform that renders all the scattered parts of the Tech City cluster visible, illuminating the gaps, highlighting the opportunities and predicting the outcomes of interventions.
  • Twitter Game
    Twitter Game
    A game that encourages attendees at conference events to contribute their thoughts, as well as connect and playfully interact with other guests and event showcases.
  • Project Einstein
    Project Einstein
    An online social platform that helps students voice their ideas, opinions, and thoughts about their academic environment.
  • Reading Challenge
    Reading Challenge
    A highly engaging gaming framework for encouraging and supporting adults with low literacy to develop and improve their reading skills.
  • NanoMission
    A series of scientifically accurate interactive 3D learning games aimed at inspiring the next generation of scientists.
  • Data Security
    Data Security
    A serious game for players to learn about data security and the issues surrounding financial crime.
  • Anti Money Laundering
    Anti Money Laundering
    A serious game for players to learn about money laundering and the issues surrounding financial crime.
  • Climate Health Impact
    Climate Health Impact
    A simulation-based game that explores the health implications associated with climate change, especially aimed at A-Level biology students.
  • Serious Policy
    Serious Policy
    An immersive simulation to increase understanding and bring political issues to life.
  • SG2: Cook ‘Em Up
    SG2: Cook ‘Em Up
    A fast and lively game that lets you create your own serious games and learn what makes them a success.
  • Flood Manager
    Flood Manager
    Interactive learning scenarios for local land development officials in partnership with ASFPM
  • SG2: CABG
    SG2: CABG
    Breaking a complex procedure down step by step to reduce risk in the real world
  • SG2: London Crisis
    SG2: London Crisis
    Demonstrates how games can be used to improve reactions in an emergency
  • SG2: Afterlife
    SG2: Afterlife
    Demonstrates how Serious Games can bring a subject to life for students
  • SG2: Interview Sim
    SG2: Interview Sim
    This simulation shows how practice makes perfect when it comes to making good business decisions
  • Time Commanders
    Time Commanders
    A groundbreaking BBC Television gameshow series featuring the very latest in advanced, real-time 3D battle simulation.